Buy Lots By Mail

Buy Lots by Mail

You may be wondering if you should buy a burial lot in advance. Here are some reasons why some of our lot buyers decided to buy in advance by mail and why you may want to:

-You will be assured of a green burial.

-When you die, your family will have less to deal with in making funeral arrangements. You can take advantage of our extended payment plan that will help you easily budget your purchase of a burial lot.

-You may select and secure the location of your burial site. Many people really like knowing where their body will be after they die.

-As more lots are purchased at Penn Forest, lot prices will increase. Buying now locks in a lower price.

-You may buy now by mail and select your lot later.

-It is easy to purchase lots online.

Just follow this four-step process:

Step One. Select the desired burial option:

  • One Select Lot. Select the location of one lot in the Penn Forest burial areas.
  • Two or More Select Lots Together. Purchase two or more side-by-side select lots at the same time and receive a 10% discount on each lot.
  • One Sequential Lot. If you have no preference on the location of your burial site, there is a substantial cost saving. Your burial site will be selected when you die.

Please note: A Sequential lot can be upgraded at a later date to a Select lot by paying the difference between the current Select lot price and the original Sequential lot price.

  • Two or More Sequential Lots. Penn Forest will select the burial sites for the graves upon the deaths of the lot owners. Most likely, these graves will be located in different parts of the cemetery. A 10% discount will be applied to the purchase of two or more sequential lots. Please note that lots must be purchased at the same time.
  • One Sequential Lot and One Select Lot Next to It. This option is for those who do not have a preferred location at Penn Forest, but wish to be buried next to a spouse, partner, or other person. By selecting this option, the Sequential lot will be used for the person who dies first. Penn Forest will select the location and then assign the location of the Select lot adjacent to it. Those selecting this option are eligible for a 10% discount on each lot.

One 2’x2’ Cremated Remains Lot.*

Two or More 2’x2’ Cremated Remains Lots.* There is a 10% discount applicable on the purchase of two or more cremated remains lots at the same time.

  • One Cremated Remains Scattering. This option is for those who wish to have their cremated remains scattered at Penn Forest. This cost is for record-keeping and maintenance of the scattering area in perpetuity. There is no discount for multiple scatterings.

* All cremated remains lots are Select lots. The lot may be selected by the owner at his or her convenience or by the family at the time of death.

Step Two. Select to pay in full now or a monthly payment plan from the chart below:

Burial Option: Price Per Lot Minimum Down Payment Per Lot Finance Fee Per Lot Monthly Payment Per Lot
        12 Month Plan 24 Month Plan 36 Month Plan
A. One Select Lot $2,400.00** $480.00 $50.00 $168.64 $86.42 $59.04  
B. Two or More Select Lots $2,160.00 $432.00 $50.00 $152.21 $78.00 $53.28  
C. One Sequential Lot $2,000.00** $400.00 $50.00 $141.25 $72.38 $49.45  
D. Two or More Sequential Lots $1,800.00 $360.00 $50.00 $127.55 $65.36 $44.65  
E. One 2’x2′ Cremated Remains Lot $600.00 $120.00 $50.00 $45.37 N/A N/A  
F. Two or More 2’x2′ Cremated Remains Lots $540.00 $108.00 $50.00 $41.26 N/AA N/A  
G. Second Right of Interment $600.00 $120.00 $50.00 $45.37 N/A N/A  
H. One Cremated Remains Scattering $600.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A  

**Effective 01/01/2021, all pricing for full body burial lots purchased at need will increase by $400.

Step Three. Download this Information Questionnaire (Click Here), print it, complete it and mail it along with your check made payable to Penn Forest Natural Burial Park. Our mailing address is 266 Kansas St. Verona, PA 15147.

The amount of your check must be at least equal to the Minimum Down Payment per lot times the number of lots you are buying. If you choose to make a larger down payment than the minimum, Penn Forest will recalculate your monthly payment and reduce it accordingly. If you prefer, you may pay in full.

Step Four. When Penn Forest receives your completed information form and your check, we will prepare two signed copies of our sales agreement and mail them to you. You will then need to sign both copies, keep one for your records and mail the other copy to us. It is that easy!

Ask about our monthly electronic payment option.

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