Locate the Graves of People Buried at Penn Forest

Locate Graves

Enter either the first or last name of the person whose grave you want to locate and hit the submit button. You should then see the named person, the date of death and the grave location. 

Click on the persons name and you will get access to several screens where you can share information about the person buried in the grave. You can share a memory of the person, an obituary, add military history, add a photo, forward your submission to family and friends, view photos and add or view videos.

After you make your entries and they are approved by the family, they will be available in perpetuity on the Penn Forest website for family and friends to see.

Also, in the lower right of this screen there are the words “Burial Location”. If you click on that you will be taken to a satellite map of Penn Forest Natural Burial Park with the named person’s grave marked with a red indicator.

When you are finished using the grave locator, click on Home Page on the left to return to the Penn Forest home page.

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