Like most cemeteries, Penn Forest’s pricing is divided into three categories:

1.) Lot Purchases – (Interment rights). Buying a lot in a cemetery is not like buying land, although there are similarities. But, when you buy a lot, you don’t own land; you just own the right to be buried (interred) in that lot. For this reason, it is referred to as an interment right.

If you buy a lot at Penn Forest and wish to sell it or transfer it to another person, that can be done. Just contact us for the procedures to follow and the forms to use. In addition, it is our policy that if you move more than 75 miles further from Penn Forest in the future than your address at the time of purchase, Penn Forest will buy your lots back at the price you paid less the 15% contribution to the Permanent Lot Care fund.

Interment Rights Pricing

Type Of Right

One Lot Price (Pre-Need)

Multiple Lots 10% Discount Price One Lot Price (At-Need) Notes
Select 4′ x 8′ lots* $2,800 per lot $2,520 per lot $3,200 per lot Buyer selects the lot location
Sequential 4′ x 8′ lots* $2,400 per lot $2,160 per lot $2,800 per lot Penn Forest selects the lot location
2′ x 2′ cremated remains lots $900 per lot $810 per lot N/A Buyer may select lot location
Burial of cremated remains along with a body burial in a Select or Sequential 4′ x 8′ lot $900 per interment N/A N/A There is a maximum of two cremated remains additions
Treemation – Burial of cremated remains with a native tree planted on top N/A N/A $2,200 for first interment
$900 per additional interment
Treemations are done outside of burial areas in a designated location


*If a couple, family members, or friends would like to be buried together, you must either choose two select lots (you will choose the location) or one sequential and one select lot (we will choose the location).

Monthly Payment Plans

*Please note that all burial lots must be paid in full before the burial. 

  12-month plan 24-month plan 36-month plan
Price Per Right Less 20% Down Payment Plus Finance Fee Amount Financed at 5% Interest Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid
$2,800.00 ($560.00) $50.00 $2,290.00 $196.04 $62.48 $100.46 $121.04 $68.63 $180.68
$2,520.00 ($504.00) $50.00 $2,066.00 $176.86 $56.32 $90.63 $109.12 $61.91 $162.76
$2,400.00 ($480.00) $50.00 $1,970.00 $168.64 $53.68 $86.42 $104.08 $59.04 $155.44
$2,160.00 ($432.00) $50.00 $1,778.00 $152.21 $48.52 $78.00 $94.00 $53.28 $140.08
$900.00 ($180.00) $50.00 $770.00 $65.91 $20.92 N/A N/A N/A N/A
$810.00 ($162.00) $50.00 $698.00 $59.75 $19.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A


2.)  Burial or Interment Fees – When someone is buried at Penn Forest, we charge an interment fee. This covers the cost of digging and filling the grave. Because of this, it is sometimes called the ‘opening and closing’ fee, but it also helps pay for employees’ salaries, taxes, utilities and cemetery overhead costs. Burial fees may fluctuate over time and cannot be prepaid before death.

Current Burial or Interment Fees

Full Body Burial Fee $   2,200.00
Cremated Remains Burial Fee $   900.00
Cremated Remains Scattering Fee $   600.00
Additional fee for burials/scatterings on weekends $   600.00
Additional fee for burials with less than 48 hours notice $   200.00



3.)  Merchandise Fees – These are fees for goods or services, like grave markers, memorial tree plantings, installation costs, costs for officiants’ or musicians’ services, all of which occur at the time of death or later. These fees may fluctuate over time and cannot be prepaid before death.

Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. These prices are indicative only; official price lists are available at the cemetery office. These prices do not include late fees for after-hours burial or holiday fees for burials on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. No funerals can be scheduled on Christmas Day or after 12:00 noon on Christmas Eve. All fees are subject to our published terms and conditions of sale.