Pricing – People

Pricing – People

It is important when comparing cemetery pricing that you consider everything that is included in burial costs. Some cemeteries that are connected with funeral homes offer low cemetery lot pricing, because they make up the difference with high funeral service fees.

Nearly all cemeteries require that you purchase a burial vault (outer burial containers) at the time of death. These can cost $500 to $1,500 or more, but they are not allowed at Penn Forest. Burial vaults keep the ground flat to allow for grass cutting, but our aim is to restore native ground cover plants instead of grass, so we don’t use vaults. When burial vault costs are included in the total cemetery costs, Penn Forest pricing is typically equal to or lower than total costs at conventional cemeteries.

Also, many conventional cemeteries have grave densities of 800 to 1,200 graves per acre. At Penn Forest, because we bury among the trees and must avoid tree and plant root systems, our grave densities are about half of that. And a portion of our lot price is used for forest restoration, which is not true at conventional cemeteries.

It’s important when comparing our prices with other cemeteries to compare apples to apples. Below you will find our lot pricing and burial fees. If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form to your right and a representative will contact you with more information.

Lot Pricing (Interment Rights)

Select 4’x 8′ lots (Pre-Need)* $2,400 per lot
Select 4’x 8′ lots (At-Need)* $2,800 per lot
Sequential 4’x 8′ lots (Pre-Need)* $2,000 per lot
Sequential 4’x 8′ lots (At-Need)* $2,400 per lot
2’x2′ cremated remains lots $600 per lot
Cremated remains burial in a 4’x 8′ lot $600 per burial (after a body burial)

*If a couple, family members, or friends would like to be buried together, you must either choose two select lots (you will choose the location) or one sequential and one select lot (we will choose the location).

** Maximum of two additional cremated remains interments per cremated remains lot.

Burial (Interment) Fees

Body Burial Fee $1,800
Cremated Remains Burial Fee $600
Cremated Remains Scattering Fees $600


Monthly Payment Plans

          12-month plan 24-month plan 36-month plan
Lot Type Sales
Less 10%
Down Payment
Finance Fee
Financed @5%
Monthly Payment Total
Interest Paid
Monthly Payment Total Interest
Monthly Payment Total
Interest Paid
Select $2,400 $240 $50 $2,210 $189.19 $60.31 $96.96 $116.94 $66.24 $174.48
Sequential $2,000 $200 $50 $1,850 $158.37 $50.49 $81.16 $97.89 $55.45 $146.06
Cremated Remains $600 $60 $50 $590 $50.50 $16.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A


Effective March 13, 2020.

*Select lot locations are chosen by lot purchasers; sequential lot locations are chosen by the cemetery at the time of death.

Prices are subject to change without notice. These prices are indicative only; official price lists are available at the cemetery office. These prices do not include late fees for after-hours burial or holiday fees for burials on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. No funerals can be scheduled on Christmas Day or after 12:00 noon on Christmas Eve. All fees are subject to our published terms and conditions of sale.