Birth Announcement: The Baby Goats Have Arrived

Tulip and her three babies on their first outing.

Returning Home Farm and proud mama goat, Tulip, are proud to announce the birth and public debut of her triplet goats: Burrito (male), MinnieT (female), and Willowette (female.) They were born on April 5, 2018. 

The delivery was uneventful. Tulip did it all on her own in 20 minutes. It was her first time giving birth. 

The baby goats spent a month in privacy with their mother and the Returning Home staff. Tbey all had their first outing outside the pen to Yoga With Goats this past Saturday and had a great time…napped afterwards!

The girls have a home to go to later in the summer. Burrito is available for adoption as a buck or wether. 

We will continue to post photos of the babies as they grow and prepare for future adventures. You can join us any Saturday this summer for Yoga With Goats to meet them in person. Or come to the picnic on Saturday June 9 from 11-4 where you can meet the babies, sample yoga with goats, see goat races, etc. 

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Yoga With Goats

Trying to figure out exactly what the yogis are doing over there …

For comparison purposes, this was a few hours after birth …


The family in early days